Do you find tan lines attactcive?
Most of the time I would say “No way in Hell NO!”
But, Laying on the beach next to the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean Sea in Cozumel, Mexico, yes I want to see a bit of a tan line when I check at the end of the day.

  It almost gives me some sence of accomplishment. Yes I am aware of how utterly weird that sounds and that in this day and age of vast knowledge of skin cancers from too much sun exposure I still get the sence of accomplishment from pulling back the seam of my bathing suit and seeing the contrast of skin colors.

Now…on the other hand later standing in front of the mirror (keep in mind that i am now naked) and I see the bright white triangles that now preside over my breasts. Not attactive! Even worse, turning around and getting a blinding white blast of a full moon! Because of this I can completely understand when a woman chooses to wear a thong on the beach. (Who invented the thong anyway) No matter what her ass looks like. I wish I had the guts! The sun does wonders for my skin. I am one of the many that suffers from back acne, goes all the way down on the cheeks…I know it something we never talk about. We all know someone that has it and we try not to ever mention it to them knowing damn well they have probably tried everything in the book to get rid of it to no avail. But I have found the solution…wait for it….SUNSHINE!!!!!

Now I know I will get tons of comments about how this is the wrong way to treat this. I dont care. I have done a little reasearch of the pro and cons, and i stress “A Little”. But just keep in mInd I have gone to doctors and demotologist; most recently regardless of informing the doctor that i have suffered fronm this from my teanage years; being told that it is just something that i have to deal with now that I am getting older. Needless to say I am pretty sure that I am not allowed back in that office. (Not the first time) I have tried too many thing that go against my basic philosophy of not putting crap on my body or in my body that cant be grown or obtained with natural elements. Basically i just like to be able to pronounce the ingriedients…HA!

All in all…to each their own. Right now i am sitting under a thatched umbrella basking in the glow of the sun working on some contarst of skin In Mexico.