Hello all!

Here is a weekly round up of what is happening with us…

The good the bad and everywhere in between!

  • Mini Adventure in the works… – A very overdo BEACH DAY is on for next weekend. The kids and I went and supplied ourselves with new chairs, beach blankets, & umbrella. The plan is set in motion for Point Pleasant! I am bursting with excitement!


  • Book I have my nose buried in… – An Echo In The Bone by Diana Gabaldon This is my second time reading this book and my about my fifth or sixth time reading the whole series. You may have seen the TV series now on STARZ that is based on this book series. The TV show is very good but nothing will ever come close to the books. They are so detailed that each time I reread the series I pick up on new things that I missed that previous times  before.


  • Google Searches… – After receiving medical test results this week “texture on the liver” i sent my self into a worried Google search on every medical and question forum I could find. All this accomplish was to give me stress headaches and sent my crazy imagination working overtime with the information I had read. I highly advise against ever reading anything medical on the internet. The only information I could seem to come across was all worse case scenario…and got myself all worked up over nothing. Doctor’s orders are to cut my sugar intake. For me this means giving up those Mountain Dews that I love so much and saying goodbye to those heaping bowls of pasta…It’s all good! One more step to making a healthier me!
  • Binge Watching… Graceland (was) on USA Network. This series ended in 2015..I just found it last week. This show is seriously addictive! Keeps you on the edge of your seat wondering what in the world is really happening. Absolutely love it!


  • What’s Hot in the Kitchen… Trying out some new recipes this week. Meat pies are on the list along with working on my Grilling skills! Sam has some new desserts that she wants to try, now she just needs to narrow it down.