The Book “Grey” by E.L. James is written from the perspective of Christian Grey. Where as you will remember the “Fifty Shades” books were all written from the perspective of Anastasia Steele. When reading from his point of view it shines a different light on what was happening in some of the scenes and why certain things transpired as they did. This got me thinking about perspectives within my own life…



I have recently had some problems within my own family…especially with my mother. How she interacts with my children. Particularly how she chooses NOT to interact with my 10 year old son. Her reasons were along the lines of him not wanting to do the same things as her. In a nut shell, she has nothing in common with him. She will call my daughter ask to see her. But only if it is convenient to my mother she will not go out of her way to do this. But, when it comes to my son she does not even acknowledge his existence. Even so blatantly as contacting my daughter, asking if she is at her father’s house to apparently try and invite her to do something. Knowing damn well that my son would not be there! So that way she would not have to include him. This is just one and the most recent example of this behavior.

I finally had enough a couple weeks back and had words with my mother and expressed my frustration with her behavior. Now this is something I never do. My normal M.O. when is come to dealing with her is to just keep my mouth shut because no matter how right I know I am about any given situation she will always turn it around making me a villain and her the martyr.

Now somehow I have been drawn into a dispute with my sister… Apparently she thinks I am giving her the cold shoulder. How she has perceived this to have anything to do with her I have not the slightest clue. So this so called “family” of mine has intently listened to my mother but not even considered my side of this situation. And have been told that I am, and I quote an “OBLIGATION”! SO i swiftly relieved my so called “family” of any obligation to me. It really gives credit to the saying that you can’t pick your family. Well I beg to differ… from here on out I will pick and choose very carefully who I let into my life and consider to be “family”. And my definition of “family” does not include people in it that will isolate other members for being different from them.


So all in all after this rant of mine, the point is not to judge situation on one perspective. Seek out the knowledge to to the full story from all sides…