Morning Wake Up

1 piece of Applewood Smoked Bacon

1 cup Raw Spinach Leaves

1 Green Onion

6 Cherry Tomatoes

1 Garlic Clove

1 Tbsp Pickled Red Onion

1 Large Egg

Place raw spinach leaves in a bowl.

Take bacon and cut into small pieces. Sauté bacon in pan over medium heat till almost crispy.

Chop green onion and add to pan with bacon.

Halve cherry tomatoes and add to pan.

Mince garlic and add to pan.

Let cook till tomatoes start to wither.

Pour mixture from pan over raw spinach in bowl.

Using the same pan, take one large egg and cook to your liking, making sure to salt while cooking. (I prefer over-easy, cooked but you still get the runny yolk.)

Place egg on top of spinach and bacon mixture.

Chop pickled onion and place on top of egg.

If looking for some spice add a dab of hot sauce. Tapatio is a favorite in our house.

This is a great start to any day and only approximately 155 calories.