I asked my daughter Sam to be a guest contributor and give me a review of the last book she read while on vacation. Well, not exactly “ask”… “bribe” may be a better describe it. She has obliged, Enjoy!




“Legend was a great book about a boy named Day who is wanted by the government in the book. The other character is a girl named June who is favored by the government and believes they are doing the right thing. Day kills June’s brother or so she believes so she goes out for revenge but learns that everything she thought was true may not be. June and Day get to know each other and she becomes unsure of who’s side to be on, Days or the governments. This book is addictive and makes you want to read the next 2 books right away to find out what happens to June and Day.”

“I think that legend was written very well with lots of cliff hangers that leave you wanting more. There is a good amount of suspense about what the characters are going to do and whether or not they will trust each other. Also about what June will do about the people who have been lying to her for years. I can’t wait to finish the second book to see what they are going to do next.”
~Samantha Poster