I would like to take a moment to address the 22,774 comments that I have waiting for my approval….

Personally I would love to be jumping for joy that my little website is getting so much attention, but unfortunatly I can not. You see most of these comments are SPAM…a dredded four letter word.



So what it boils down to is that for those that are truely commenting on the post itself or asking a question about the website, I appreciate it and am very sorry for not responding in a timely manner. It has become very time consuming to try and weed through it all and have not found a way of blocking that I am satisfied with.

Comments will stay open to all at this point, but I would like to invite everyone with a comment, question or even a complaint to send them directly to me at HeathersAdventure@hotmail.com and at the beginning of each month I will address all of them collectively in a post. You can also find the link to my email on the right side of every page or post.. Thank you all in advance I look forward to this new interaction with you all!!!